As part of Road Safety Week 2022 (taking place from 14th – 20th November) our community can watch a powerful ‘Share the Road’ video made available by the Cheshire Road Safety Group and the National Fire Chief Council (NFCC).

Tony Crook, road safety lead officer for the NFCC says “We all share responsibility for ensuring our own actions don’t put others at risk”

Tony is an ambassador for the ‘Share the Road’ safety campaign – the campaign highlights:

  • Everyone has the right to use the roads safely, regardless of how they chose to travel
  • Look out for one another to help keep each other safe on the roads
  • It is important that we all share the road and are courteous to each other
  • Everyone is human with a story to tell. Be kind and considerate to each other.

Tony continues, “It’s everyone’s right to feel safe when out and about using our roads and it’s ALL our responsibility to ensure that our own actions do put others at risks which should prevent tragedy.”


Pearl Assistance

NFCC’s Road Safety Group (RSG) support fire and rescue services (FRS) across the United Kingdom in reducing fatalities and serious injuries on the roads through collaborative work with partner agencies and support and facilitate innovation and road safety education across both the FRS and partner agencies.