The Return to Office is well underway and many businesses are offering RTO incentives in the form of free lunches, childcare and wellness sessions. Don’t be surprised to see more businesses reviewing their travel allowance too, with Forbes reporting that the commute remains a key barrier for many.

Collaboration often beats competition, as shown by TikTok and Peloton’s new fitness hub. Not only do corporate collaborations create natural PR moments, but they also allow brands to open up new audiences and product possibilities. Expect more teams to get out on the road to forge new partnerships in 2024.

If you’re looking to impress your team and clients, then immersive experiences could be the way forward. Yelp report that searches for immersive dining have soared in recent times, while the London Balloon Museum opened to much fanfare earlier this month. Hot air or not, these social media-friendly experiences are here to stay.

And more…

The autonomous vehicle industry has taken a giant leap forward in recent months. As reported last month, the UK government has set aside 18.5 million for businesses developing the technology while in the US Waymo are set to begin trialling driverless taxis on highways in Arizona, with test runs already underway in San Francisco and other cities.


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Another sci-fi-esque development to keep an eye on is the rise of micro aircraft, as seen through the launch of the Larry Page-backed Pivotal, an electric aircraft that doesn’t require a pilot’s licence to fly, and the Hyundai-backed Supernal, which is slated to enter the market in 2028.

Gett, out in the wild

We’re also getting out and about in 2024. Our shiny new advertising campaign honouring black cabs went live earlier this week (perhaps you even spotted one of the ads?) and is already creating quite the stir online. We’re also gearing up for our next coffee cab stop off sometime in Q1, with lots of exciting product features on the roadmap for the year ahead.

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