The NITA (Northern Ireland Takeaway Association) has partnered with precision location service provider PostTag to help pinpoint pick up and drop off addresses more efficiently than ever before.

PostTag provides the best address search tools on the market, working relentlessly behind the scenes and using market-leading technology to ensure drivers always arrive at the precise location.

This approach makes deliveries quick and easy for all NITA delivery drivers, improving both customer service and the driver experience.

PostTag is responsible for over 5 million accurate address locations being found every day and its technology is trusted by Evri, Domino’s, easyFood and Addison Lee to name a few.


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Michael Henderson, CEO of Northern Ireland Takeaway Association, said; “Due to the cost-of-living crisis and the effect this is having on our industry, we are always looking for ways to improve service for both our members and their customers.

“The last mile of any delivery is always a sticking point – particularly for new build properties, offices, apartments and other locations hard to distinguish by address.

“By partnering with PostTag, we are ensuring the exact delivery of orders to precise locations, every single time. This will save money and time for our members.”

Paul Yewman, CEO of PostTag, added: “Today close enough is no longer good enough.”

“With approximately 60% of all UK addresses being at least a football field away from where a sat nav system takes you, PostTag cuts down on wasted time, wasted miles and CO2 emissions by delivering the drivers precisely where they need to be – first time.

“By partnering with NITA, PostTag are committing to supporting takeaways across Northern Ireland with their delivery process. We are incredibly excited to utilise our technology on a nationwide scale and this partnership will revolutionise takeaway delivery in Northern Ireland.”

If you wish to learn more about PostTag and their location precision technology to assist your business, please visit

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