The final episode (E8) from series one of the Ground Transport Media podcasts is titled ‘The future, what’s down the road?’ and talks all about potential Diesel/Petrol Vehicles Ban, Envirnoment, Technology, EV Misinformation, Community Charging, Sustainable Mobility, Fleet Electification, Spiralling Fuel Costs and more.

Recorded in front of a live audience from Wembley Stadium at the 2022 Ground Transport Show, hosted by the brilliant John Curtis, this episode features the following people:

Biswajit Kundu Roy – CEO – Coastr

Biswajit Kundu Roy, former Technology Strategist at PwC, founded Coastr in 2018 after he was able to spot a gap in the rental fleet market due to outdated technology, or a lack thereof. Coastr, a sustainable connected mobility platform delivering new-age digital services to independent vehicle rental and mobility companies, successfully bridges that gap. Today, Biswajit’s global team of experts together with Coastr’s technology partners are transforming the industry by offering operators greater value and efficiency through vehicle financing, digital payments, and other innovative features.

Howard Cox – Founder – FairFuelUK

FairFuelUK is the Real Voice of UK’s 37m Drivers: We are fighting for fairer fuel taxation, whatever type of fuelled vehicle you drive: for a fuel pricing watchdog, called PumpWatch: and to scrap the 2030 Ban on the sales of new diesel and petrol vehicles. Since Jan 2011 if the Fuel Price Escalator averaging at adding inflation plus 1p per year had been in place today, pump prices would now be over 60p higher per litre. FairFuelUK through objective campaigning and lobbying, has put £165bn back into the economy through consumer spending and business investment.



Joel Teague – CEO / Founder – Co Charger

Joel Teague is the founder of Co Charger, a company dedicated to enabling EV ownership for motorists who cannot have a charge point at home. Having defined the concept of Community Charging in 2020 he launched the first platform built specifically to support the practice of sharing charge points within neighbourhoods. It is already the UK’s third biggest and fastest-growing charging network. Joel is a leading commentator on the acceleration of the transition to EVs and an advocate of both industry collaboration and the sharing economy in that process.

Linda Grave – CEO / Founder – EV Driver

An entrepreneur who has built successful companies within the renewable energy and EV sectors over an 18-year period, with a wealth of experience in building successful EV Charging networks. Focused on business growth and development within the EV sector. In 2016 I started to build the EV Driver network of public charge points in the East of England, with an emphasis on providing an easy access PAYG network for all to use. I sold this network in January 2020 to allow me to focus on helping others to create the best user-friendly EV charging solutions. I am a pioneer in EV roaming and interoperability in the UK, passionate about ensuring the barriers to access are lowered and that customer satisfaction is paramount.

Ralph Palmer – UK Electric Vehicles & Fleets Lead – Transport & Environment

Ralph leads on T&E’s work on electric vehicles, advocating for ambitious policies from the UK Government to accelerate the electrification of road transport. Specifically, Ralph has recently led on T&E’s response to the proposed Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate, as well as publications on the UK’s charging network. Previously, Ralph has worked for Climate Group’s EV100 program working closely with some of the world’s largest fleets to help them achieve 100% electric fleets by 2030.

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The Ground Transport Media team would like to sincerely thank all the panellists for their interesting and insightful contributions!