Drivetech, part of The AA, is on a mission to improve safety while traveling by minibus with the launch of its latest dedicated driver training course. Minibus Safe Drive has been specifically designed to support minibus drivers with the unique range of skills required, as well as improve driver and passenger wellbeing.

With minibuses in frequent use across the UK by businesses, local authorities, and education providers (for much relied on transport for employees, communities and pupils), safety on the road remains a top priority. Yet, those behind the wheel of a minibus find themselves requiring a unique set of skills, and often receive little or no training. Drivetech’s latest course targets this skills gap in training and enables organisations to fulfil their duty of care to drivers and passengers.

From specific operation of the vehicle, through to how to react in an emergency, rules of the road and dealing with vulnerable passengers, the driver training specialist’s course provides a holistic look at minibus driving. Importantly, it acknowledges the high level of responsibility minibus drivers face and the duty of care they have under health and safety regulations to ensure the minibus is fit for purpose and operated safely.

Nick Butler, director, Drivetech, said: “Minibuses are a much-relied on staple of our communities, but we mustn’t overlook the drivers of these vehicles and the number of demands placed on them when behind the wheel. Often, driving the minibus isn’t a formal part of their role and these drivers may be volunteers but it’s vital they receive the right training and support to improve safety on our roads.


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“Our course goes beyond just safety, it also prioritises driver and passenger wellbeing. A driver whose wellbeing has been prioritised is inherently safer, but we also want these drivers to be able to make journeys more comfortable for their passengers, many of whom may be young or elderly or with additional needs or disabilities. As a team, we’re looking forward to rolling out the course and supporting minibus drivers, some of whom are very much the unsung heroes of our local communities.”

As well as completing sufficient driver training, it’s important to review licence and insurance suitability for driving minibuses. Anyone driving a minibus needs to check their licence category is in line with the purpose for which they are driving, who the driving is taking place for and the date which they passed their driving test. In addition, businesses, schools and local authorities should check their insurance policies provide the right cover.

Minibus Safe Drive from Drivetech is available now as a two day, on-road course. Find out more here.

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