Brought to you by EV Driver, it’s time for your business to ‘Power Ahead’ & join us at: Trinity Park, Ipswich, on Thursday 11th April 2024, for a day of electrifying opportunities.

EVEX is aimed at both consumers & businesses across East Anglia, from known & trusted brands to local startup’s & the public sector, each innovating the sustainable transport space from electrical vehicles, to renewable technologies & more, supported by Suffolk County Council.

Trinity Park, offers an incredible venue with an innovative indoor space providing exhibitors & sponsors the opportunity to showcase their latest products & services, alongside networking with consumers & local businesses.

Local dealerships get to utilise the private test-drive circuit offering attendees the exciting opportunity to get behind the wheel & test drive the latest EVs & talk directly to you.


Attendees are invited to join insightful, informative presentations & panel sessions from leading experts in sustainable transport, offering consumer & business planning & benefits.

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What can I expect at EVEX2024?

Get behind the wheel

The key advantage of attending our event is the unique opportunity to test drive vehicles from various manufacturers, allowing you to make an informed decision and discover the perfect EV that aligns with your preferences and needs.

Speak to the experts

Attending provides a valuable opportunity for you to engage in discussions with a diverse array of industry experts, offering a unique chance to gain essential knowledge and insights that can inform and enhance your understanding of EVs.

Ask questions

Join us for engaging and informative presentations and panel sessions featuring insights from leading experts in sustainable transport. Discover valuable information on consumer and business planning, along with the associated benefits.

It’s not just cars!

Experience the full EV spectrum by delving into innovative ideas shaping the future of sustainable transportation, such as the latest advancements in charging infrastructure. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the broader electric mobility landscape.

Secure your seat

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