My Indionesian sister-in-law moved over to England and thought that my mother was a taxi driver job-wise. This was all hinged on the fact that at the time my mother was driving a Ford Orion which my sister-in-law was used to seeing on the streets in Surabaya and Jakarta as hired transport.

My mother’s Orion was a tank and had next to no acceleration. I remember sitting at round-a-bouts yelling at my mum to go when there was a gap to be met with her saying “ I can’t it’s not quick enough”. After the ownership of the Orion we had to make sure that she got a nippier car, in the end, that turned out to be ​​a Renault Megane Coupe 1.6 16v. Although it wasn’t the classic Triumph Spitfire 1500 in yellow with a laurel crest on its bonnet, she was hankering after.

Several cities around the world are known for their iconic and famous taxi services. Here are a few of our favourites:

London Black Cab (United Kingdom): The London black taxi, also known as the Hackney carriage, is one of the most recognisable taxi designs in the world. These black cabs have a unique shape and are known for their knowledgeable drivers who have to pass a rigorous test called “The Knowledge” to navigate the city’s intricate streets. One interesting fact is that all black cabs must have a turning radius of 28 feet in an effort to breeze through the Savoy Hotel’s roundabout with some amount of dignity.


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New York City Yellow Cab (USA): The yellow taxis of New York City are iconic, known for their bright yellow colour and availability throughout the city. They are synonymous with the bustling streets of Manhattan. Think about it: Just about any movie or TV show set in the Big Apple features a number of yellow cabs just to set the scene.

Bangkok Tuk-Tuk (Thailand): While not exactly a traditional taxi, the three-wheeled tuk-tuks of Bangkok are a popular mode of transportation for short distances. They are often brightly decorated and offer a unique way to navigate the city’s busy streets.

Hong Kong Taxi (Hong Kong): Hong Kong’s taxis are colour-coded based on their operating areas—red for Hong Kong Island, green for the New Territories, and blue for Lantau Island. 

These iconic taxis not only offer transportation services but also play a role in defining the character of the cities in which they operate.

The Future of the Black Cab…

LEVC – Transformation From Traditional Manufacturer To Modern EV Company.

Adding to its green efforts, LEVC launched a new pure electric vehicle platform in May 2023. 

In addition to the technology LEVC already have, they have now introduced new vehicle architecture technology. As a supplement to its taxi production line, LEVC can produce new models at any time. A smarter, more spacious and more ecological cab is within reach – but however green it gets, London’s iconic taxi will always be the black cab.

Leveraging Your Brand Message with Taxi Livery / Guerrilla Marketing

Here are some of our favourite examples of liveried-up taxis carrying company ads and brand messages…



What a fab cab – yes it’s a black cab dressed up as a New York Yellow cab for British Airways.

In celebration of its Paper Flowers jewellery collection, Tiffany & Co. painted New York City in its trademark Tiffany Blue colour.

Snickers taxi, or snaxi should I say! This one came about as a result of Snickers launching their Snacklish marketing campaign, a humorous way of speaking that revises everyday words and phrases for a Snickers-centric world.

Here are a few more that caught our eye…