The minimum age requirement to be a train driver operating on the mainline in Great Britain is currently 20 years old. This consultation seeks views on the proposal to lower the minimum age to 18 at the earliest opportunity.

This will be the first consultation in a two-phase approach looking at opportunities to reform the regime for train driving in Great Britain following the publication of the second post implementation review (PIR) of the Train Driving Licences and Certificates Regulations 2010 on 19 May 2023. DfT will be working with the rail sector to develop proposals for wider reforms during 2024 and consulting on those proposals at a later date.

Since the regulations were developed and implemented, new research has been conducted indicating that the age limit for train drivers could be lowered, safely, using existing training, monitoring and testing processes. There has also been a growing desire to increase the diversity and pool of train drivers in the rail sector.

This consultation is aimed at a wide range of consultees from the rail sector and anyone with an interest in the train driving profession.


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The minimum age for train drivers operating cross-border rail services in the Channel Tunnel is 20 years old. We are not proposing to change this.

Lowering the minimum age requirement for train drivers from 20 to 18

Ways to respond

Respond online or Complete a response form and either email to: [email protected] or write to:

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