Representatives from multiple trade organisations within the Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) industry have collaborated to compose a letter addressed to the Director of Licensing at TfL TPH (Transport for London Taxi & Private Hire) concerning the proposed regulations on Unacceptable Signage and Complaints for Private Hire Vehicles. Please find the contents of the letter below:

Dear Helen,

I have been asked to send a formal request seeking urgent dialogue with you following an ‘In-person’ meeting of Senior Trade Representatives Greg Mendoza, Jimmy Lazarou, Keith Keen, Steve Garelick and myself on Monday 11th December.

The Private Hire Trade Representatives are completely dismayed with the proposals for signage, which would appear to be a requirement for NSL to install multiple signs on the interior and exterior of each private hire vehicle following the inspection. This is a view universally shared by everyone we have spoken to in the industry, including the Driver Guides Association who could not attend this meeting.


It has long been an accepted view that adding signage to private hire vehicles will confuse the public, narrow the gap between Taxi and Private Hire, and lead to illegal and dangerous activity by those seeking to exploit that confusion.

The PH Trade Representatives have consulted with members and reviewed comments on social media from the industry in general, and it is clear there is a lot of anger being expressed that we feel will lead to issues for TfL TPH in the future.

At this stage we feel urgent dialogue is needed, so we can calm the industry down and give you time for reflection on what we put forward in the consultation, which, with respect, seems to have been completely ignored.

The political and media lobbying activity has already started, as there is already a furore on PHV industry social media channels and communications to the primary trade associations, we therefore feel the need for this to be an open letter, so our members know we are proactive on this problem.