On 7th December we asked our community the following question: “The Mayor of London has confirmed that from August 2023 the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be drastically expanded to most of the Greater London Authority area. Do you approve of this decision?”.

The results are now in, and as you can see in the pie chart below, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan received just 6% of responders approving his decision. The poll also showed that 10% were undecided (an important option to include, as many times those who are on the fence still have meaningful contribution to our debates), and a whopping 84% said no!

On behalf of the team, we would like to say a big thank you to each and every person who took time out of their busy lives to respond. Our community is at the heart of what we do, and your opinions will frame the content of this website.

Below we have published every response that we were giving permission to share.


Neal Preshner from Addlestone:

“This is yet another money making exercise to fill a Labour financial black hole which will have the greatest impact on the poorest in society the party, supposedly, was created to represent and nothing the Mayor does suggests he could care less.”

Mohammed Iqbal, Onward Journey Ltd from Hendon (NW4):

“Why does the black taxi get off with a longer life in London the Private Hire. In all respects Private hire drivers do the Jobs that black taxi just drive past”

Thomas Rook, Salford Private Hire Association from Greater Manchester:

“All UK councils under the 1976 miscellaneous act, have the right to mandate 3 compliance tests per annum (glorified MOT) which means emissions are tested at 4,8 &12 months, that’s could result in a PHV or Taxi not being licensed. A new Euro6 car’s emissions can go faulty at 3 months old, yet the 3 month old vehicles emissions won’t be diagnosed as faulty until a further 2 years and 9 months, never mind put right! At 6 months tests 66 PHV’s out of 870 PHV’s tested failed the emission test! So I put it too the Mayor of London, all vehicle owners should have at least one extra emission test per annum and new vehicles the same, There’s no need to cause hardship to motorists that will result with financial loss to the local economy! There are other ways to reduce emissions with all motorists playing a part and an extra emission test will create more jobs!”


“I already live within South Circular, so have been in the extended ULEZ for over a year. I support initiatives to improve the quality of the air we breathe BUT would like there to be a 5 year amnesty for residents to change their cars to compliant ones. Yr 1 -100% discount, Yr2 – 80% discount, Yr3 – 60% discount, Yr4 – 40% discount, Yr5 – 20% discount. With schemes to promote the acquisition of plug ins by they PHEV or FEV and installation of charging points in every lamp post on roads where parking is permitted with marked bays for plug in vehicles only.”

Peter Jamieson, The Driver-Guides Association from London (SW2):

“There is nothing wrong with the air quality in London. This is just a money making scheme and it will affect the poorest in our society who cannot afford to replace their cars or pay he £12.50 per day. It is all part of an insidious overall plan to take way individual freedom by preventing people using their cars.”

A R Khayal from Oldham:

“Instead of putting burdens on public the mayor’s should introduce a policy that if change the vehicles Europe 5/6 the grants will be provided and facilitate better infrastructure as well personally I don’t believe the pollution related deaths that is manipulation of reports or statistic master’s transfer becoming to expensive at present and punishing public again not acceptable public paying of taxes already in house holds good in car maintenance insurance so many others things at present personal luxury is out the door is any other in Europe pushing in such vigorous fashion.”

Peter Fiorini from Orpington:

“I have a luxury diesel saloon which is 8 years old and still a beautiful car to drive . I do not feel that I should have to pay £12.50 per day to drive my car in an area which is not as built up as inner London where ULEZ is applicable.with the current energy crisis making things even harder for people this decision to expand ULEZ is not acceptable .When I bought my car the government were encouraging people to buy diesel cars and now we have this crazy decision!”

Paul Kelly, Kelly Executive from Dartford:

“The timing of this expansion is completely wrong, the motor industry and infrastructure is not ready to move over to electric vehicles, most of the new diesel vehicles are so restricted with emission reducing add on, they are not reliable and expensive to run, The mayor has just reduced the values of all non ULEZ compliant vehicles massively most of which perfectly reliable vehicles some of which are only a few months older than those that are deemed compliant, it’s a lottery of when your vehicle was registered rather than the actual emissions. This is going to put people in a position to have to change their vehicles most of which cannot afford to do so with all the other increased cost going on, those that live and work outside the new zone will simply not be able to travel in which will affect those businesses on the boarder, It would be good to see how the current ULEZ zone is doing with the emissions levels before and after this should be published and highlighted the fact that is not tells me it’s not working and the ULEZ is simply another car and driver tax”


“I think this is all about cash and nothing to do with air quality.”


“While this doesn’t affect me & I do agree with it, what does concern me is like many issues it seems to be difficult to obtain clear stats of before & after once imposed, outside of phrases like “It has been very effective in rapidly reducing air pollution in those areas”, (from the Mayors own London Assembly website). Surely, its reducing what pollution would have been added if not for ULEZ, not reducing air pollution that already exists? It could be me but feels misleading. Also from the Mayor’s own website: “Already around 85 per cent of vehicles seen driving in outer London meet the ULEZ standards” – so what is the projected reduction impact, by imposing ULEZ in Greater London that affects the 15% of vehicles?”

Bill Piper, E E Cars from Leicester:

“I am extremely disappointed in this for 2 main reasons – one – is it really necessary – Two How can a Labour mayor so disadvantage to poorer motorists?”

Jon Porter, The London Chauffeur Company Ltd from TN16:

“This is a complete abuse of office. Democracy is a privilege we all enjoy. The Mayors complete disregard for this demonstrates he is not fit to hold office. The public are & should not be disregarded to satisfy his failings.”

Wilson Adey from Middlesex:

“Its absolutely ridiculous, Sadiq Khan never listen to expert advice, even those commission by his office. There is no substantial evidence to proof either a reduction in air pollution or in traffic level with the existing scheme (in current zone). At this current crisis of high cost of living is definitely not the time to expand ULEZ. Like some of the leaders, I won’t be so surprised if he is on the payroll of these big corporation that profits from his policies.”

Dorian Krasniqi from Heathrow:

“100% it needs to be done. I suffer from severe asthma because of the pollution. I find it very difficult to breathe outside when there is traffic in front of the house. I get unlimited dust I get pollution. The air is so bad. This needs to stop.”

Ajmer Dhillon from Isleworth:

“This is just a money making scheme. Nothing to do with air pollution.”

Dennis Vangeen, Corporate Chauffeurs Ltd from St Albans:

“This has nothing to do with emissions. It’s all about the cash for his cash strapped single agenda operation. While he drives around in a diesel Range Rover armour plated for what reason that does 8 miles to the gallon. Total hypocrite.”

Min, Claim4pain from London:

“Too much too soon considering the economy!!”

Marios Stavrou from North London:

“All this will do is alienate people, and produce revenue for the poorly managed public transport system”

Michael Bell, Driven Worldwide Limited from East Molesey:

“A poorly thought through decision. This has nothing to do with the Green agenda it is only about increasing revenues.”

Malcolm Cowan from Barnet:

“Madness – Stop most bike lanes like Hyde Park, Euston Road. Get rid of obstruction like Finchley, Golders Green, make most bus lanes rush hour only. 20mph most bikes go faster. Bikes registration and insurance ban if break rules same scooters inc lights when dark.”


“Charge Londoners when they leave London and pollute our clean country air instead”

Robert Penhallow, RNP from Sidcup:

“This just a money making northing about pollution.”

Angela Akehurst, Freelance Tourism driver-guide from West London:

“I have no problem with the move to clean up London’s air. Charging polluting vehicles doesn’t stop them being used, though. Maybe it would be better if that money was specifically ear-marked to then provide significant grants to enable people to buy cleaner vehicles.”

Rudy, Oxford Chauffeurs from Oxon:

“Destroying businesses.”

Lester Jacobs, Meetwagons Ltd – Borehamwood:

“As a private hire owner-operator I drive a low emission vehicle but because it was manufactured in the USA ULEZ will not permit a Euro 6 rating. At present I conduct as much of my work outside of the zone as possible. With the expanded zone I would need to buy a new ULEZ compliant vehicle which would be unaffordable particularly with my own car having no residue value for part exchange. I would without doubt become yet another unemployed cab driver and this would be solely due the the proposed ULEZ expansion.”