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We’re campaigning to get polluting cars out of cities.

Business Description

We are a European network of organisations delivering powerful campaigns and research to urge cities to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles, and to prioritise active, shared and electric mobility. The Clean Cities network consists of over 80 non governmental and grassroots organisations from across Europe. Together we champion policies that support the shift to cleaner transport in the race towards zero-emission mobility by 2030.

Cities are where the negative impacts of traffic and congestion are most obvious. The road transport sector is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions driving up dangerous global heating. Air pollution, mostly from diesel vehicles, is a public health emergency and responsible for around 300,000 early deaths across Europe each year.

Rolling out measures to clean up transport in cities – such as low- and zero-emission zones, School Streets, more walking and cycling infrastructure, and better parking policies – have countless benefits for residents, from cleaner air to clearer roads. Keep scrolling to find out more, or subscribe to our email updates.

Clean Cities is hosted by Transport & Environment.


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